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The amount of time you spend between the time you successfully make a call and the termination of the call.

Battery status/ Battery charge display
It is the display of the amount of battery charge remaining on your handset.

A specification for high speed wireless connection between devices like mobile phones, PDA's and laptops. It is maintained and developed by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group.

Call Barring
This facility lets you set your phone to bar certain incoming or outgoing calls.

Call timer
This records the time you build up each month towards an allotment of airtime minutes.

Call divert
This facility allows you to divert incoming calls to another phone.

Call hold

This facility allows you to put a call on hold, while you make/ receive another call.

Caller Identification (or CLI)
This displays the number of the person calling you in your mobile phone's display. However, there are some numbers that cannot be displayed.

Colour Screen
The phones have a full colour screen. The resolution of the screen varies from 4096 colours up to about 64k colours in different models.

This is the area in which a mobile phone can make and receive calls. It is usually described in terms of the percentage of population that can use the service rather than actual geographic area.

Currency Converter
This would keep track of the spending from your phone when you are abroad.

Changeable Shells
These are for protection against water, dust etc.

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Data capability
This facility allows you to transfer data from a laptop, portable fax machine or personal digital assistant provided they have a modem and an auxiliary jack.

Data/fax capability
This facility allows you to send and receive fax and data files, access the Internet and send e-mail through your mobile phone when it is connected to mobile office equipment.

Dual band technology
This facility allows your mobile to switch between GSM frequency bands. Some network operators in the UK switch between GSM1800 and GSM900 to overcome capacity restrictions.

DTMF (Dual Tone Multi-Frequency)
This is a method of sending multi-frequency tones across a telephone network. These tones are used for tone dialing and accessing various services.

Digital Camera
This facility allows your phone to capture sill digital images

Digital Camera With Flash
This facility offered by LG 7100's built-in flash allows you to shoot in limited light.

Dual Screen
This facility allows you to see who's calling without opening your phone.


ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute)
This organization formulates GSM and DECT standards.

EMS (Enhanced Messaging Service)
This facility allows you to exchange simple graphics and tunes on EMS enables phones.


FM Radio
This facility allows you to listen to FM Radio through your handset.

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GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication)
This is a communication standard in three frequency bands viz. 900MHz, 1800MHz and 1900MHz. The term GSM is often used in the UK to refer to the 900MHz band while the 1800MHz band is referred to as PCN.

GPRS (General Packet Radio Service)
This facility allows continuous connection to data networks at a high rate.

This is a network which operates in the 900MHz GSM band. Vodafone and O2 use this band in the UK.

This is a network which operates in the 1800MHz GSM band. Orange and T-Mobile use this band in the UK.


HSCSD (High Speed Circuit Switched Data)
This is a GSM enhancement which allows access to data services at up to 57.6kbps. The Orange network offers this service in the UK.

Handsfree Speaker
This is a loud speaker inbuilt into the handset which allows you to listen to a call/downloaded music without having the phone to your ear or using a standard wire handsfree kit.

Infrared Data Port
This refers to a data port that uses infrared data association (IrDA®) as the standard for wireless communications between computer and mobile phone devices.

IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity)
This is a unique identity number given to GSM mobile phones and can be used to block mobile phones that have been stolen when reported to the network operator.

Integrated Camera
This sophisticated camera with a vivid colour display is capable of supporting up to 65,000 colors

Java™ is a universal software platform developed by Sun Microsystems. J2ME™ (Java 2 Platform Micro Edition) is designed to run on small devices such as mobile phones and PDA's.

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MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service)
This allows you to send image, graphic and audio files with text messages to other MMS enabled mobile phones or via e-mail.

Media player (music & video)
This facility allows you to download and play Audio and Video (supports MPEG4 and WMA files)

MP3 Player
MP3 is a music format that compresses sounds. You can download music from the Internet onto an MP3 compatible phone.

Media Player
This facility allows you to download and play Audio and Video files (supports MPEG4, WMA and MP3 Files).

This facility allows you to download and remix ringtones to create unique polyphonic sounds.

Orange Mobile Glossory

One-touch dialing
This facility allows you to dial frequently called numbers by hitting just one key that you've programmed for that number.

The Office of Telecommunications is the regulator for the UK telecommunications industry.

Phone Book
This refers to the list of names and telephone numbers stored in your phone internal memory or on its SIM card. The maximum number of entries you can store in the phone is fixed; the number of entries you can store on your SIM depends on your network provider. In either case, you can dial stored numbers by accessing the phone book.

Polyphonic Ringtones
This refers to a mobile phone ringtone that uses multiple tones simultaneously rather than a series of single tones.

Predictive text
This facility allows you to write text messages faster by using word recognition. The phone has an in-built dictionary and provides alternate words by comparing them to the dictionary listings.

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This refers to the ability for a mobile phone network customer to make voice calls, send and receive data or access other services when roaming outside the geographical coverage area of the home network, using a visited network. Usage abroad depends upon the number of roaming agreements held by the network and the specification of the phone.

Rotating Screen
This facility allows you to cover all angles with a rotating screen.

SIM card (Subscriber Identity Module)
This is a small card fitted inside a mobile phone. It has a processor and memory for storage of users identity (PIN), user added information and text messages.

SMS (Short Message Service)
This facility allows a two way text messaging service.

Standby Time
This is the amount of time for which a battery can power a phone in the standby mode (i.e. switched on and ready to make or receive a call, without being used for an actual call). The longer a phone is in standby mode, the less standby time remains in the battery.

SAR (Specific Absorption Rate)
This refers to the amount of radio-frequency energy absorbed into human tissue by a radio transmitter. It is 2 watts per kilogram in the EU and varies with country.


This is the total time for which a battery can power your phone for calls. The more the talk time of your battery the less frequently you will need to recharge.

T9 (predictive text input)
Also known as text on 9 Keys, this facility allows users to enter text on a mobile phone by predicting what is being written. You can find more information on

This refers to mobile phones which operate on three GSM frequency bands: GSM900, GSM1800 and GSM1900.

This facility allows you to measure temperature.

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This facility allows you to take voice message if you are unavailable or your phone is switched off. You can activate voicemail and leave messages on it for free.

Video Camera
This application allows you to capture and play back moving images through your mobile phone.

Video and Photo Messaging
This facility allows you to recors, playback and send video and photo messages to other 3G handsets and email addresses.

Video Downloads
This facility allows you to download movie trailers, sports clips, news… et al!

Video Calling
This facility is available to 3G customers: Live two-way video calling through a 3 network.

Voice Memo
This facility allows you to record a short digital voice memo to be used as a reminder.

Voice Dial
This facility allows you to make calls by speaking the name into your phone.


WAP (Wireless Application Protocol)
This facility allows compatible mobile phones to access services and information. The current version is WAP 2.0

WML (Wireless Markup language)
This is a markup language based on XML, now a part of WAP 2.0. It can be used in specifying content and user interfaces.
Letter = X

xHTML Browser
This facility allows phones with xhtml to view more advanced wap pages.


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